About DGTouch

DGTouch was founded in 2014 and since then it has become a story of our determination. The initial idea of DGTouch was seeded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where we came up with a vision that has guided us ever since in finding a way to surface as a high quality image editing, graphic design solution and responsive web design service provider. At that time, we did not fully realize how broad this business could be, but we all knew it would be significant.

With three of us working on two corners of the globe (Shaheen Tuli and Maqsudul Anam in Dhaka, Sharmin Jahan in Melbourne), we quietly went about building a brand name to facilitate Digital Graphic Touch to all sorts of graphic design solution that gave users the ability to rate and comment on the quality and reliability of the services provided by us.That is where the DGTouch name came from. It was a bold and ambitious challenge, but we knew that if we could use proper skills, then we might be able to build a company that would have impact on the world.

We have set up our headquarters in Bangladesh in order to be closer to our production team. We have tried to maintain reasonable operational costs with world-class quality in service by choosing team members who are highly skilled. We know the value of your time and we believe in growing together equally. We trust in workmanship and we consider business partnership on priority basis. In other words, we believe your business is our business.

We have a world class team in Melbourne. We are privileged to work with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the world.

We have exclusive industry knowledge which means we are specialists and not generalists. We try our best to ensure your peace of mind. DGTouch is an owner operated business, you will find your comfort zone here as you are dealing with the core people and not just the managers.

Shihab Adnan Sumon is leading the team consisting of more than 50 designers. We have 3 dedicated Team Leaders and Quality Controller for 3 service categories i.e., Image Editing, Graphic Design and Responsive Web Design. The team is professional and capable of working with any number of orders to suit your needs. Our team is divided in 3 shifts so we are available 24/7 and our team members are competent in English.

We believe in maintaining transparent processes and welcome queries, suggestions, feedback and comments through our contact us section. Our dedicated support team accommodates your concerns and queries.

Above all, we have learned to never ever give up.


The members of DGTouch team have received 4 years of training at the Graphic Arts Institute and graduated with a diploma in graphic design. DGTouch also has its own in-house training centre.