Express your innermost creativity by Image Manipulation

Strict Deadline

We are open 24/7/365 to meet the Manipulation project lead time. DGTouch maintains strict deadlines to ensure fast delivery, even before lead time.

Quality Service

Photo manipulation is done using different image editing softwares by more reductions, adjustments, cropping etc. by DGTouch. Accuracy is a must for us.

Creative Talent

DGTouch possesses creative talents with years of working experience. We use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop for manipulation services.

Are you thinking of enlisting a trusted partner for your entire image manipulation service?

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How we work

DGTouch designers are a team of professionals who are experts in photo manipulation services, which make us confident to serve our clients with quality job within turnaround time frame.

DGTouch is a user-friendly platform where you can easily upload, track and manage Manipulation projects.

DGTouch follows transparent processes. Some steps are mentioned here in order to get an overview:

  • Signup for creating a free account
  • Login using your own username and password
  • Generate your instruction; write in details about the task and the use of attached image supplies. Please provide a precise description of your photo manipulation expectations.
  • Please keep in mind the limitations of photo manipulation. Occasionally, realistic images cannot be done because of quality, lighting, or angle discrepancies of pictures to be joined. We always advise you to upload proper images.
  • DGTouch will evaluate your images to find job complexity then provide a quotation immediately after the evaluation approval that we receive from you.

We will start working on manipulation. After completing the task, we will upload and notify you through email. We will wait for your feedback; if no corrections are needed, we will provide an invoice. For regular clients we provide invoice on weekly or monthly basis as determined. Pay using your preferred mode of payment. We offer various modes of payment like PayPal, Bank transfer, etc.

Please see the DGTouch process flow diagram here.

Why Choose us

DGTouch is a consistent source of manipulation service. We are flexible, Open 24X7/365. We run 3 working shifts a day and have a dedicated team leader for each shift. While you sleep we are awake for you to ensure that our business runs smoothly. We believe in workmanship and we consider business partnership on priority basis. In other words we believe your business is our business.

  • We have exclusive industry knowledge, we are specialists and not generalists. We try our best to ensure your peace of mind. We offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.
  • We Offer free trial for up to 3 images to measure our performance before you decide. We take 1-24 hours turnaround time, based on complexity.
  • We are equipped with Windows XP/7 and apple Mac OS X  devices and high speed Internet connection with dedicated bandwidth.
  • Our designers can handle any type of file regardless of the size (TIFF, PSD, JPG, PNG etc.).
  • DGTouch is owner operated business; you will find your comfort zone as you are dealing with the core people.
  • We are committed to meeting deadlines and we also try to turnaround before the manipulation project deadline.
Give us a try

DGTouch finds pleasure in delivering quality service on manipulation. Our team members have years of experience that is our strength in creating accurate image manipulation.

We have a dedicated support staff to accommodate your concerns and queries. Our team members are skilled in English. We welcome queries, questions, suggestions and comments through our contact us page.

Production house of DGTouch is situated in the emerging South East Asian economic region; which is both geologically and technologically an opportune zone with low cost for manipulation solutions that will have high visual impact and meet your expectations.

We endeavor in not just limiting ourselves to the given manipulation services. We examine new possibilities and conceptualize exciting services. We offer full consultation and support all the way through the development of your project. DGTouch is here to deliver only the highest quality services in a responsive manner and at a competitive, value-added price.

Our professional designers have vast experiences in image manipulation services with the commitment of 100% satisfactory quality within quick turnaround time. Photo manipulation needs a high level of creativity to understand the best ways of presenting an image along with technical skills.

Image Manipulation creates an illusion by an image

  • Image manipulation by DGTouch is a kind of art which actually transforms a photo from one form to any other possible visual form with a great impact.

  • Image manipulation is applied by DGTouch for artistic reasons, for speciousness and to help in resizing photos for different applications.

  • Image manipulation with Photoshop creates an eye-popping image from a simple photo. A lot of creativity is essential, and DGTouch has it!.

  • DGTouch carries out image manipulation using PS along with designers’ creativity to remove awful composition object, then by adding specific portion of an image and then generating added focus.

  • Image manipulation is an image processing service which is done at DGTouch by utilizing photo editing tools to enhance image quality.

Keep DGTouch as your first choice for entire image manipulation service provider without hesitation. Still thinking?