Clipping path, changing background

Clipping path, changing background I see now a day’s even earlier that people are offering job which is clipping path or cut out an image. After clipping path place it on white background or grey background or on any color. Sometimes we see in different name like background removal also clip out the image even under […]

Retouching an Image in Photoshop

  What is retouching an image? Generically retouching an image represents to revive, beautify an image according to the commands of Photoshop to get exactness. It has some scope to get an image originality to keep superfluous glamour in fashion world.   Why do images need to be retouched in Photoshop? Some precious moment in […]

Image Masking for removing surroundings

Adobe Photoshop offers high tech image masking services are unsurpassed looking and concern the full serviceable silky flawlessness graphics design techniques for separating the surroundings from kind of simple, medium complex and super complex images. Image masking performance is proper for removing of conditions, shadow, unwanted objects etc from the complex images which enclose thousands […]

Simple Clipping Path and changing background

Today I am going to say about simple clipping path, how to do it by using Adobe Photoshop to cut out an image with Pen Tool. Simple or Basic Clipping path is a technique which eliminates background from an image. 1st step: Open your Photoshop any version then go to file menu> open a page […]

Social Media Buttons

Creation of Social Media button

Missing sweet dreams but enjoying less sleep with creation of Social Media button. Every day I plan to sleep early but never could do so. Mostly my eyes get stucked on TV or laptop, feels like most ever interesting tv show / movie/social media post I am gonna miss. So must see. Hmmm…….. result late night […]